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198X, Two brothers who love fitghting went both accidentally back in time for even more fights !

2 Controllers

This game needs two players with two controllers.
EPILEPTIC USER be careful, there are flashes.

Versus Punch is a fighting game taking place in a synthwave universe. Created for the Ludum Dare 45, the objective is to defeat your opponent in a best of 5 rounds from scratch. The more you win, the more your opponent is strong. The more you lose, the stronger you become ! To win you will have to intelligently choose your weapons round after round ...


- Left stick to move

- A to jump

- X to attack

- LB to dash (upgrade)

- X to shoot (gun upgrade, only one shot each round)

- X to throw (grenade upgrade, only one grenade each round)

Credits :

- Music : Extra Terra - Retrobot

- Alexis Bourgois : Developer

- Axel Louarn : Game Designer,  Artistic director, 2D Graphic Designer

- Nathan Coisne : Background Artist, VFX Artist

- Pauline Callenaere : Chara Designer, Animator


Versus Punch.zip 74 MB

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